Need Condo or House for Rent in Toronto?

IMPORTANT!!! How to be approved by a landlord?

Owners of rented properties have specific requirements to their prospective tenants. The most important requirements are listed below:

  • Stable employment. You must provide a Letter of Employment (with the date of start, salary, employer's name, address and phone + contact person's name and phone) and the recent Pay Stub.

  • Income requirements. They are not too high: usually, minimum 60K per annum will work. But, of course, the higher - the better...

  • Credit score. It must be at least 620. Please read here how to obtain the credit report. If you a new immigrant and, so, have no credit history in Canada yet, then you still have a chance to be approved if two the previous requirements are perfectly satisfied.
If you do not fall into the described category, all is not lost. You still have 2 ways:

  • Co-applicant (guarantor). Find a person (your friend, family member or employer) who meets the requirements (and, therefore, is able to provide the verification documents, listed above) and is willing to vouch for you. A guarantor is an individual who is guaranteeing to the landlord that if the applicant fails to meet his or her obligations then the guarantor will meet those obligations (such as making the payments and keeping the property clean).

  • Pay for more months in advance. A landlord has the right to require a tenant to pay in advance for 2 month: for the 1st and the last (that is the standard practice in Ontario). By law, a landlord could not require a tenant to pay more than first and last month's rent as a condition of the tenancy. But if the tenant voluntary offered to pay more money in advance and the landlord accepted that offer, then it would be legal (see the article Ontario tenants can offer rent up front in The Star; the article contains a reference to a decision of a Superior Court judge in that regard). So, in addition to the 1st month, you can suggest a landlord to pay also for 3-6 last months. As you see, you will need to pay for 4-7 months in total (the more months, the more chances to be approved). That method works in many cases (of course, it requires to pay more money immediately, but, from the other hand, you would pay that money later anyway).
To save your and my time, please contact me ONLY if you satisfy these conditions!!!

Are you not in Toronto yet, but coming soon?

  • I serve not only residents of GTA but also those who are moving here soon (including new immigrants).
  • I work remotely with many of my clients - Skype and email enable easy co-working overseas.
  • As a real estate agent, I have access to properties, appearing in the MLS database, for a few days before they go into the public access so that we can "skim the cream".
  • Please contact me 3 weeks before coming to Toronto (not earlier!!!) and provide the following details:
    • Date of arrival to Toronto.
    • Form of housing you want (condo apartment, townhouse, semi-detached/standalone home).
    • Number of bedrooms. In Canada, real estate is measured in bedrooms: we say "2 bedrooms house" where people in some other countries say "3 rooms house" for the same.
    • Preferred area. If you are unsure (or have no idea about Toronto areas), call me for free advice. If you have kid(s), then I also will consult you regarding schools. In Canada, areas of cities are assigned to particular schools. Schools have different rankings from 1 to 10, and that influences home prices in the belonging area.

Did you know that... renting activities (as well as sales/purchase transactions) in Ontario are licensed, regulated and supervised by RECO - Real Estate Council Of Ontario?

What my clients say:

Alexey Leyman (
Ludmila did an amazing job in finding a property for rent and negotiating favorable contract terms and conditions for me. I had a number of must-have requirements to be fulfilled including price, location and availability. I was hoping that at least some of them could be met because the timeline to fulfill them was very short. Ludmila managed not only to address all of them but also provided some really appreciated extras like transportation from the airport or valuable advice for newcomers in the areas of banking, health care and driving. Without hesitation I would recommend Ludmila to anybody who is looking for a trusted, reliable and supportive real estate professional.
Erez Shenkerman (
As a foreign student, starting school in Canada, I had to find in a short period of time a decent place to live and since I had no knowledge regarding the renting market situation and the law process in Canada I decided to use an agent.

Following recommendations of friends I turn to Ludmila Zuskin for assistance. I found Ludmila to very kind and helpful person and without any doubt a very professional as a real estate agent.

Ludmila made herself as available as possible to me on a daily and hourly basis, either by Skype conversation while I was in a different country or by e-mail and phone. I was pleasantly surprise as Ludmila even met me at the airport to check if I have arrived in order and to help me reach the condo and explained me in person the all process. I'm continuing to use Ludmila's good advice even after the renting process has been completed.

In conclusion I would proud to say that I recommend Ludmila Zuskin for all real estate matters and above.
Elvira Alizada (
I have written to Ludmila 2 months before our landing in Toronto. We needed an apartment to be furnished and available before we arrive. The other important point was a good high school and day care nearby.

Ludmila did a great research and found us a nice apartment, within our budget expectations and walking distance to the subway as well as with a tremendous school nearby. She was extremely professional in her communications with us and always went that little bit extra to make things convenient for us. It was a really nice touch of her to meet us at the airport with "Welcome home" balloon and further assist during the first few days in the new country.

I have no hesitations in recommending Ludmila as a professional real estate agent and a nice person who always thinks outside the box while trying to meet her client's needs.
Andrey Grodzovsky (
Ludmila was very active in a search for an apartment for us here in Toronto, she kept looking until we were fully satisfied and then took care of all the transaction detailes. We are very pleased with her service!
Stanislav Zubarev (
Ludmila helped me a lot in searching of apartment for rent in Toronto in tight schedule. Renting of apartment for newcomer is always not easy task but she did her best and found exactly that we needed. She is very reliable, client-oriented and professional real estate agent and I would definitely recommend her service to everybody.
Eric Eidelberg (
Ludmila helped me a lot with moving over to Toronto from Calgary. She helped me from the very start; starting with finding an apartment, continuing with her managing the paperwork for me and finishing with her picking me up at the airport and bringing me to the apartment, to make sure everything went well. Thank you Ludmila!
Vladyslav Perstok (
When we came to Canada, we had only one month to find and rent a flat. At that time we knew nothing about Toronto and were ready for long and exhausting searches. Our friends who had already settled down in Toronto at that time, advised us to call to Ludmila, telling that she is a reliable and professional real estate agent. We got in contact with Ludmila a couple of days later our arrival to Toronto, described her our wishes and by the evening of the same day she sent us a list of potential objects to see. We agreed to see them at the week-end. At the agreed time, yudmila picked us up. We visited all the objects; Ludmila gave us all the necessary information about the accommodation fee and amenities. We agreed to see some more objects taking into account the experience of the previous day. To our surprise and relief, we found a flat on the second day of our search. Taking into consideration Ludmila’s professional knowledge, communication skills and willingness to understand the client’s needs, we did not have any difficulties with searching a flat. We would like to thank Ludmila for useful information about Toronto life, a lot of new contacts and help in our new life.
Dmitry Esipov (
Ludmila helped us a lot on finding the condo in Toronto. Apart from actually looking for the apartment, Ludmila provided us with very useful information on how various things are doing here in Canada. This information was essential for us and me and my family would like to thank Ludmila and of course we will recommend her to the people in our network.
Evgeny Panman (
Ludmila did a great job helping us to find a first place to live in Toronto. She is real master of real estate.
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