Be an owner, not a renter. Let me take you home!

Proven success in price reducing negotiations - that's why clients recommend me.

My service is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE for you

In accordance with the bylaw of the Province of Ontario, the real estate agent's work is compensated by the property's seller. So, you pay me nothing at all.

When buying a home or a condo:

Realtor TorontoThe optimal option is found based on many factors - such as advantages and disadvantages affecting the property price in various neighbourhoods. I utilize my full access to the information stored in the real estate database, which includes:

  • Properties currently listed for sale in the desired area (including new listings - a few days before they are exposed to the public access).

  • Initial (asking) and final (actual) prices of the comparable properties, recently sold in the neighbourhood.

  • Time houses had been standing on the market.

  • And much more...
I analyze all available statistical data (including information inaccessible to the public in the exposed listing) to develop the best price reducing strategy for haggling over final price.

Steps to your home:

  1. I talk to you in depth until I have a clear idea of the type of area you want to live in, the style of property you are looking for, and your price range.

  2. I fill you in on all the details about schools, public transportation, shopping malls, parks and anything else about the area you are thinking of moving to.

  3. I keep on searching and recommending properties, which specifically match your criteria and life style, until I come up with variants you love.

  4. I take you to the shows (or show the property via Skype-video if you are buying remotely) and draw your attention to the advantages and disadvantages of homes that may not catch the eye.

  5. I negotiate with the seller, prepare and submit an offer on your behalf.
Want to buy a property remotely - while living in another city or country?

realtor TorontoFinding the perfect home doesn't happen in one day. It takes careful planning and lots of work, but I will handle all elements of the sale on your behalf. I will work effortlessly to get the best possible price for you and save you money wherever I can.


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