Living far from Toronto? Want to buy a property remotely?

• Successful experience in helping foreign investors and future newcomers.
• No face-to-face contact required: all we need is the Internet.
• The showings are conducted through video (Skype, WhatsApp, FB or FaceTime).
• You only need to come for the final signing.

покупка кондо

I assist not only Torontonians, but also those who are just going to move here (including from other countries - most my customers are new immigrants) or are foreign investors wishing to invest in real estate of one of the most stable and secured cities in the world. For the selection of the optimal variant for you, please provide me with the following information:

  • The preferred architectural type of property (detached home, semi-detached, townhouse или condo apartment). Please call for explanation if you have any questions.

  • The form of housing tenure (condo, freehold).

  • The needed number of bedrooms. In Canada, we count in bedrooms (assuming that the living room always exists). So, we say "2 bedrooms" while in some other countries the same home would be named "3 rooms".

  • The purpose of buying - to rent it (investment property), or for your own accommodation. These goals require different approaches.

  • The preferred area.
If you find it difficult to name the desired area (which is quite natural if you did not live in Toronto), do not hesitate to call me for a free consultation. I'll tell you about the various areas, explain where and why settled my previous clients, and provide detailed information about public transport (including the proximity to the subway) and schools (in Toronto, they are tied to student's place of residence, so the houses on the opposite sides of one street may have different attractiveness and price because of the different rankings of schools to which they belong). If you need to purchase an investment property, then I will explain what and where it's is better to buy in terms of cash flow (the ratio of the purchase + maintenance cost to the rent price).


When a suitable condo or house is found, you will be asked to fill out a form for contacting the realtor and scheduling a viewing, which can be conducted via a video messenger if you have not arrived yet. You can find several properties to view.

Buyers, living out of Canada, can get a mortgage loan in a Canadian bank up to 65% of the property price. So, they should have a down payment of 35%. For arranging a mortgage, please contact a mortgage broker.

Olga Heller (

Buying property from overseas... I would like to say that Ludmilla is one the professionals that understands real estate, she understand what are your limitations and she can educate you and provide with deep insight of buying a house, condo, or any kind of property within your stretch. Ludmila has excellent communication skills, she walked us through the process before we even started any kind of paperwork, she explained to us the Toronto real estate market and what is important in purchasing the property. On top of that, she helped us to make a purchase remotely, and I'm very pleased with her professional approach and her ability to empathize and hearing my needs. I would highly recommend her services to any one who is looking for a great real estate agent.
Andrey Solovyev (

We were foreign buyers, investing in real estate of Toronto - one of the most stable and profitable real estate markets in the world. Ludmila conducted a market research and helped us understand the local culture, realty business dynamics and renters' mentality and habits. She provided information about high demand areas and gave us recommendations regarding where and why to buy (or not to buy!) rental properties in Toronto - invaluable information for buyers, unfamiliar with the city.

We were residing in Moscow while searching and purchasing the property. Ludmila tirelessly proposed various variants (using Skype video to show us condos we considered seriously) until we found just the thing we needed. Almost the whole transaction was carried out remotely. Communication and documents transfer were performed via phone and emails. We were kept fully informed about every step, which made the process go very smoothly. Everything was organized in such a way that we had to come to Canada only for closing (Ludmila piсked us up in the airport and took directly to the closing lawyer).

After the purchase, she very quickly (in just a few days!) found (and screened for solvency) tenants for our condo.

Ludmila is brilliantly skillful and competent, working with a professional but personal touch. What is often a high stress task, became truly stress-free under her guidance. We are extremely pleased with both the results of our collaboration with Ludmila and the experience of communicating with her, so when we need to buy another property, we will undoubtedly turn to... guess whom?




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